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Fundraising profits allow schools to purchase many necessary items not covered by state budgets.


We have ran thousands of fundraisers since the early 2000’s and have learned that not all programs work for everyone. Because of this we have developed many custom programs that work well for Elementary, Middle School and High school students. We have spoken to hundreds of parents and teachers, along with students and have found that many simply want to give money to the group without having to sell a product but there wasn’t an easy way to do it. Thus, the campaign was born.  Our program helps busy families to raise money for their group or organization simply by allowing their family and friends to make online donations.  Our simple system allows more time for the students to concentrate on practice, homework or other important school activities. is a platform that takes about 20 minutes to setup as a student and then we do the rest.  Our system helps your student or group raise thousands of dollars very effortlessly. I read that Coaches and Teachers impact more people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime!  That’s why we have developed this site!  Our goal is to create a big impact on our students and schools. Let set up your next fundraiser!  We know you will be very pleased with how easy our process is on your students and families.  NO product to sell + less time involved = Greater Success!!

Call us today at 214-550-3719 so that we can help you get started on a successful program.